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In response to COVID-19 many restaurants have had to adapt state and national public health guidelines. Understanding the dire challenges facing restaurants, the City of Salem provided local establishments with street parking to be used for outdoor dining. After several months of closure, the Brother's Taverna would re-open. Quickly, they determined that they would need to increase their outdoor dining capacity so that customers could continue to dine safely.

Derby Square Architects and The Maker's Guild were tasked with designing and building an attractive outdoor dining patio within (5) city parking spaces. As an integrated team, we worked quickly to create a small urban oasis for diners to enjoy.  A modular system of adjustable pedestals, 2×2 pipe decking tiles, and outdoor fiberglass planters were used, resulting in a beautifully enhanced streetscape along Derby Street in Salem.  

This project is a great example of when design-build can improve turn-around time and reduce overall project costs.

Client: Brothers Taverna

Principal-in-Charge: Richard Griffin, AIA

​General Contractor: The Maker's Guild

​Photographer: Erin Murphy


JULY 2020

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