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Essex north shore agricultural & technical school

2016 - Present


Since 2016, DSA has done a series of projects of different purposes and scope to fill a variety of the school's improvement needs. A few examples of this work is listed below.

Multi-fixture toilet room addition to Gallant Hall

  • Design of a single-story masonry and steel framed addition to an existing classroom building with two five-fixture student toilet rooms​

  • Building to be constructed by both outside contractors and student/faculty


Plumbing shop Aaddition to main building

  • Conversion of a 1350 sq. ft. outdoor storage area into a winterized student workshop area for plumbing and electrical classes


Interior classroom renovations & improvements

  • Glass enclosure for computer printing & 3D printing room

  • Glass enclosed meeting room in library


Interior mezzanine in plumbing shop

  • Purpose was for student construction of mock-up bathrooms

  • Students use actual residential style wood-framed base into which they learn to install plumbing fixtures and piping

Client: Essex Voc. Aggie. Tech HS

Principal-in-charge: Richard Griffin, AIA

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